QuickBooks® is an award-winning financial management software that provides efficient management of your business finances.

Quickbooks is designed exclusively to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

With the help of The Squeaky Mouse, you’ll find QuickBooks® the ultimate tool to:

  • Organize your finances all in one place
  • Easily create invoices and track sales & expenses
  • Get reliable records for tax time
  • Manage customer, vendor, and employee data
  • Get a consolidated view of your business with Company Snapshot

QuickBooks® also simplifies:

  • Time-saving, easy management of basic tasks, such as invoicing customers, paying bills, tracking expenses.
  • Organizing company, vendor and customer data
  • The ability to manage more complex tasks such as job costing, inventory and sales order to purchase order requirements.
  • Giving your business a more polished, professional look.
  • Let The Squeaky Mouse be your QuickBooks® guide so you can take full advantage of the many beneficial features and functions of this accounting resource. Call now for Quickbooks help: 818-631-1702