When we set out to hire a new bookkeeper, we decided we should first convert our bookkeeping / accounting from another software to QuickBooks.  On advice of our CPA, we called Sharon to assist our staff in setting up all our bookkeeping on QuickBooks.

There was no question that working with Sharon was the right decision.  Sharon not only has in-depth knowledge of QuickBooks, but she also had an ability to train our staff and walk them through the transition from one software to another.  Had we tried to “figure this out on our own,” we would have wasted a huge amount of valuable time and disrupted our regular workflow unnecessarily.

It’s great to work with Sharon, who is not only is an expert in her field but knows how to efficiently communicate the information to others.

Joffrey Long, President
Southwest Bancorp

I was recently reviewing some old files, and realized that you started working for my company over a decade ago. I can’t recall any other vendor with whom I have had such a durable relationship, and I want to thank you for your constant support and the commitment you have shown to the success of my business.

Initially, you worked as the full charge bookkeeper for both my business and me. Frankly, I was surprised when you told me you thought I didn’t need your services and that you could teach me to do my books on my own; surprised because it is so unusual for any vendor to voluntarily propose a way to cut back on their own fees. Yet your recommendation has resulted in a type of liberation for me, since I have had a much better understanding of and control over my business since you taught me QuickBooks. I don’t think anyone else could have helped me make the conversion to keeping my own books.

This is not because QuickBooks is a difficult program to learn — it isn’t. Instead, this is because of the gentle manner in which you helped me overcome my confusion and chaos about keeping track of my financial information.

Working with a bookkeeper or QuickBooks coach requires an extraordinary degree of trust, since there is no way to hide my financial “secrets” from you. But you have never once violated that trust, and I have complete confidence that I can share any information with you. I unhesitatingly recommend you to my friends and associates who are looking for QuickBooks training and support.

Michael Chusid
A.I.A., Chusid Associates, Tarzana, CA

PS Added 10 years after the above was written: 
When changes in my business made it necessary for me to move Quickbooks from my desktop to its online version, you guided me through set-up and trained me to use the new software. Thank you for being an ongoing part of my business success.

Sharon set up my company’s initial QuickBooks back in 1998 when our monthly revenue was less than $500. Easy stuff, right? Well, 14 years later, I now have two thriving companies that require a very extensive and detailed working knowledge of QuickBooks. She has essentially, custom-tailored QuickBooks to meet the specific requirements of my businesses. She’s also trained our bookkeeper to manage most of the data entry. If it weren’t for Sharon’s assistance every step of the way, our books would be a disaster. Sharon can come in and take over but she is also a willing teacher committed to educating her clients. Have a question? Can’t get it right? Confused and overwhelmed? — Sharon is always available to help; I’m talking ‘old school’ where somebody picks up the phone when you call or calls you right back! She is flexible, patient, professional and knows QuickBooks inside and out. No matter how simple or complicated your needs may be, Sharon always rises above and beyond. With her dedication and commitment over the years, she’s more of a partner than a vendor. If you’re looking for the best, look no further!

Joshua D. Frazin
Owner, ATM International & ATM Service of California

Due to the recession I was forced to downsize my model home design company and take on the daily bookkeeping duties which were truly intimidating for an artistic personality, plus I added a new floral design company to the mix. I had no idea what to do and found Sharon Wolfe through an ad in a local community newspaper.

From the first time we met I knew I had found the right person! Sharon has the patience and training skills to deal with someone who had no knowledge of bookkeeping, much less how QuickBooks works. She was patient and was always available to explain, explain, and explain again as I worked my way through the learning curve.

It has been four years now and because of Sharon’s help I am able to handle the basic daily accounting tasks fairly well but I can always count on Sharon to “fix” my problems and offer excellent and quality advice as needed. I actually look forward to our quarterly meetings and know that much will be accomplished in an efficient manner and that I will always learn something that helps me become more proficient. I would highly recommend Sharon and her staff.

Cherry Henricks
President, Two’s Company Interiors and Blossoms by Cherry

Along came Sharon………..
Like a number crunching machine she not only took control of our bookkeeping, she also provided me with peace of mind in that it was all going to be done, done correctly, but most importantly not by me. There are many things that stand out to me about Sharon and her staff at The Squeaky Mouse. Whether it’s the accuracy in their service, the honesty in work performed, the affordability of their work, or just the lost art of customer service that she provides; I cannot remember a single time where Sharon didn’t take the time to explain or help me and my staff with problems beyond our understanding. It means a lot to me when someone can take a business arrangement and turn it into a wonderful business relationship and Sharon has done just that.

While running a business over the last ten years I have often found that I have worn many hats; some enjoyable in their simplicity and some rewarding for their challenge. One hat that I can honestly say was never enjoyable or rewarding for me was the one with the title of “Bookkeeping” …. The hours upon hours spent staring at the computer, crunching numbers to ensure a balanced outcome while continuing to keep current with the latest changes in tax information always felt like I was doing less of what I loved and more like an early invitation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Ryan La Fleur
Four Seasons Wholesale Nursery – Northridge, CA

Sharon has been a mainstay of my business for over 7 years. With her expertise, professionalism and warm attitude, she has enabled me to not only organize and create high levels of efficiency but to understand and function in QuickBooks on my own (although I will “forever” retain her company.) Problems are solved quickly and correctly without wasting precious time that should be spent elsewhere in my business.

Having Sharon only one call away is the best “security blanket” my business could have. I thank her over and over for her invaluable service. Don’t know where I’d be without her.

Henry Weinstein
Owner, HW Enterprises – Los Angeles, CA

Sharon Wolfe has handled our QuickBooks accounting for over 5 years. She is thoroughly capable, caring and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who expects the best.

Joni Hoffman
Joni Hoffman Designs

Sharon Wolfe saved my life and continues to do so everyday.

I was in a situation where I had to entrust my bills and bookkeeping to someone quickly. The moment I met her I knew I could.

Honest, efficient and hardworking not to mention one of the nicest persons I’ve known. I’m grateful for her services for the past 10 years and beyond.

Adrian Zmed

Sharon is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to QuickBooks. She is thorough, yet quick and has been a big help to me in my business for over 11 years.

Art Hugon
President, SMA Glove & Safety Supply, Inc.

Sharon has been a life saver for my bookkeeping needs; I am blessed to have her in my life. As a hypnotherapist I am very right-brained and not interested or skilled in the area of bookkeeping and feel so secure to let Sharon handle the numbers, files, and all the necessary work that goes along with all of that. She makes life so much easier for me. I can’t tell you what a treasure she is, I more than highly recommend her.

Janet Montgomery C.Ht.


Not knowing a thing about computers yet having to set up an accounting program, I was thankful that Sharon Wolfe came into my life. She set me up with QuickBooks and explained the program in regular, non-technical terms. If I have a problem I just call and she walks me through it. The Squeaky Mouse is a giant in my books!

Judy Kolstad
stage KOLSTAD associates, Chatsworth, CA